Recently, someone gave me an old laptop for free. That was a quite old machine but anyway I like to give another life to laptop and computers in general. For those who are interested about the model, it is an acer Aspire 5670. Regarding its characteristics, I thought I can give a go to the latest ubuntu 11.04. To make it feel like a mac (in the meantime, waiting to buy a new 2012 MacBookPro) I just used the  macbuntu script.

Once the machine was set up, I thought it was time for me to create my different panoramas. Some were waiting since 2009 from my trip to Norway … 🙁

I stopped by Hugin software, opensource, free and available under windows, linux and macos. Whatelse?! The software is easy to use, simple, powerfull and user friendly. You will get your panorama done in a minute! You can see down this line the webgalery where my panoramas are hosted. What do you think? (Do not hesitate to share your point of view in the comments 😉 )

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