My first oscilloscope, a bitscope mini BS10

  • Bitscope mini BS10 | Premiers essais
  • 2-IMG_20160107_123530
  • 3-IMG_20160107_123928
    Contenu du paquet envoyé par Bitscope
  • Bitscope mini BS10 | Premiers essais
    Le fameux précieux
  • 5-IMG_20160107_123944
    L'adaptateur bnc
  • 6-IMG_20160107_123956
  • 7-Test1
  • 8-Test2Bitscope mini BS10 | Premiers essais

My first oscilloscope, a teenage dream, I’ll be able now to tune and use the iron easily! It’s a bitscope mini BS10.

The characteristics of this piece of gold are as follow:

  • 100 MHz Analog bandwidth
  • 40 MSps Logic Capture (25 ns).
  • 2 Analog Oscilloscope Channels.
  • 8 high speed Logic Analyzer channels.
  • Serial Protocol and Logic decoders.
  • Windows, Linux, Mac & Raspberry Pi.
  • Waveform, logic and clock generators.
  • RF & Baseband Spectrum Analyzers.
  • Pocket sized, USB powered.
  • Power, Ground & Control

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